Friday, May 23, 2008

Metro 4/29/08

Some repeats. I like drawing these with the Zig disposable rapidographs because they are filled with india ink that will not smear if your sketchbook falls into a pitcher of beer. Also, when I grow up I want to be as accurate and loose as Hokusai. As Richard Schmid says in his video

"Sometimes I like my paint to look like I threw it from across the room at the canvas, and it landed in exactly the right spot." Sargent compared painting to fencing, "have at you!", and I'm liking these analogies. Drawing is like chess to me sometimes, you make a move, and hope it works.

Metro 5/20/08

More ink, and..... I need to add more color to this bloggishness. However, the best I can do is post my attempts at capturing the likenesses of people crashing out at 7am on the train. Again, if I'm culling what I consider the better ones out of the bunch. I apologize for any repeats....

Friday, May 2, 2008


I love this guy. Cthulhu Now needed its heroes to fight the Lovecraftian monsters and he's the perfect foil to the Punk Girl with the Zippo Hairnet flamethrower. The idea was for her to rescue him from the BPO Elks Lounge, and far from being helpless would essentially be in video game language a "power up" in terms of booze, ammo and mistaking monsters for Normandy Beach Nazis. I ran the idea past Quinn about making an action figure that you could load caps into that would fire when you wheeled him around, the torso would swivel also, of course. Note the martini survival kit in the back of his ride.
Little Rascal indeed.

Mostly Robots

while drawing people , I try to stay on top of my robot designs...
it's important to stay on top of robot designs.