Friday, January 9, 2009

Video Game Idea Made For My Pals...

In Colorado. It's a videogame version of pachinko with a little main character hitting things. This was the Idea I wanted. It is brilliant and genius like. Now it's a part of my coffee table and covered with...filth. They went with a monkey. Which is cute and nice. I however, prefer cute and slightly menacing. With shrunken heads. On fire! And vaguely potty humor like names. Hmmmm.... Somehow the title needs to fit a toilet function.
Voodoo Hole Lava Blast! There, that's better.


rvr279 said...

Voodoo Hole Lava Blast now with Flaming Balls of Fire! Whoo! Here's to cute and slightly menacing whacking things! Thanks! =D

Adam A said...

I hope this blog is a testament to my unrelenting adherence to the loftiest tenets of professional acumen.
Cheers everybody!